Learn the Just Breeathe Method

Would you like to get the most out of the tool that…
Wherever you are, whatever you do, is it always with you? Your breathing

The daily frenzy to which we are subjected generates at all levels of stress and anxiety.

Breathing is the basis of everything: yoga, mindfulness, meditation, sports … and of life itself!
Why don’t we work on it first? And who teaches us how to breathe well?

We breathe badly, because we get caught up in our thoughts.
We breathe badly, because we get caught up in our emotions.

Maybe you are looking for:
-How to relax and release stress,
-Relieve anxiety, sleep problem …
-Or you simply have a desire for Personal Improvement.

Just Breathe is an invitation to reconnect with Natural Breathing in your daily life. Because breathing properly, promotes health, well-being in order to empower yourself.

1- Mental calm
2-Relaxation of body tensions
3-Release of emotional charges
4-Increased vitality


We will show the Just Breathe method in 5 weekly workshops, where we will focus on the LIBERATION of the 4 pillars of the human being (mind, body, emotions and energy). Awakening to the INTEGRATION of all of them.


1-RELEASE: Do you want to feel good?

Breathing properly you will release your mental-emotional patterns. This will allow you to listen to your body, to relieve it and take care of it. Which will lead to an increase in your vitality.

2-PRESENCE: Do you want to learn to meditate?

Once you have released everything that blocks you (preconceived ideas, negative emotions, stress, anxiety …) you will learn to breathe properly, connecting with natural breathing, which will allow you to be more present in yourself, in your environment and in your lifetime.

3-EMPOWERMENT: Do you know what your vital and profesional purpose is?

Empowerment is the final result, the cleanliness of everything that disturbs you, that together with presence, allows you to get to know what you want, and act accordingly.

“With this process you will gain clarity in your vital purpose and in the next steps to take to achieve it. With Just Breathe you will be able to transmute old patterns into new opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Having already with you and forever, the tool of breathing present in your life”.

LOCATION: Online, on Zoom platform.

FACILITATOR: Nani Tovar, is an international Breathwork Facilitator. She developed the Natural Breathing method called Just Breathe. She holds her Masters in Personal Development and Leadership, Bachelor of Pharmacy. With 10 years of experience in Personal Development.

COST and more information at justbreathebarcelona@gmail.com

Includes: 5 workshops, 1 individual session, personal follow-up, and 4 group sessions. (17h of intensive course)

-5 Workshops: Tuesday 7.30-10pm

-4 Group Sessions,  7.30-8.45pm

-1 Private Session